Paper Planes & Packets

At the end of 2017, I decided to write one newsletter a month for a year. The idea behind it was to try and keep in touch with my friends and readers, no matter how busy life would get.

It worked out amazingly.

Even when I couldn’t always make the time to write a new post, I never failed to send out a letter. Moreover, I loved receiving everyone’s thoughtful replies, and so I stuck with it.

Here you’ll find the letters that I’ve sent out so far. The ones marked with a star (猸愶笍)聽include my “current favorites.” These could be songs, books, products, lifestyle experiments, or anything else that I’m currently enjoying.

If you’d like to receive my letters straight to your mailbox, drop your e-mail address here:聽Paper Planes & Packets, and I’ll take care of the rest.

Latest Letter

August 路 A Temporary Mess


January 路 New Year Commitments
February 路 Morning Rituals
March 路 The Darkest Question of All
April 路 Resistance
May 路 Wish Making
June 路 Begin Again 猸愶笍
July 路 Vulnerability


January 路 Decisions
February 路 Trust, More Decisions
March 路 On the Other Side of Code聽猸愶笍
April 路 Fear
May 路 Milestones聽猸愶笍
June 路 Mastery
July 路 Coding = Writing
August 路 Fear of Flying
September 路 To-Dos
October 路 Bringing Back Dating (+ Fall Equinox and Keto Diet) 猸愶笍
November 路 Self-Care 猸愶笍
December 路 End of Year Reflections, Past Year Review