Paper Planes & Packets

For 2018, I decided to write a letter a month in an attempt to keep in touch with my friends and readers.

No matter how busy life got, and even if I couldn’t make the time to write a new post, I never failed to send a letter.

I fell in love with the habit, and the joy of reading everyone’s thoughtful replies, and so I kept with it.

Below you’ll find the letters that I sent out so far. The ones marked with a star (⭐️) include my “current favorites,” which could be songs, books, products, lifestyle experiments, or anything else that I’m currently enjoying.

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Latest Letter

September · Counting the Bounty ⭐️


January · Better Than Ever
February · Apologies
March · Sabotage
April · Surrender
May · Staying Sane ⭐️
June · Permission to Write
July · Be More Like a Man
August · Play ⭐️


January · New Year Commitments
February · Morning Rituals
March · The Darkest Question of All
April · Resistance
May · Wish Making
June · Begin Again ⭐️
July · Vulnerability
August · A Temporary Mess
September/October · Home Stretch ⭐️
November · Peace
December · Finding My Craft


January · Decisions
February · Trust, More Decisions
March · On the Other Side of Code ⭐️
April · Fear
May · Milestones ⭐️
June · Mastery
July · Coding = Writing
August · Fear of Flying
September · To-Dos
October · Bringing Back Dating (+ Fall Equinox, and the Keto Diet) ⭐️
November · Self-Care ⭐️
December · End of Year Reflections, Past Year Review