Hi, All!

How have you been? 🌈

I’m doing pretty well again. But I haven’t been feeling this good for a while.

I was suffering a hit to my confidence.

And just this morning, on a call with a group of new friends, I managed to kick the last lows.

I’ll tell you the who’s and why’s of this talk another time, but here’s one thing I learned today.

When attempting to do something I’ve never done before, having a support system is like chicken soup for the soul.

Today’s A-Team is one to which I was introduced to by coincidence. Putting one together intentionally, however, would require me to ask for help.

And I’m terrible at asking for help.

But since I’m also terrible at being terrible at things, I’m going to try and turn myself inside out.

Tap into my vulnerability. Get real uncomfortable.

And reach out.

Words + Collab

I have a new story up on the blog. It’s a lottle special because it’s my first fictive piece and also my first creative collaboration.

🌬 Here’s Poppy with a humbling guest appearance by Tiffany Lovage

Quote I Stumbled Upon Today

If you think you need a hand, then you probably do. –Victor Saad in 33

I send you the sky,