Front-end developer, writer, and challenge explorer.

I’m Mirha, a front-end developer and writer. This is my creative journal where I share lifestyle experiments, projects, and recommendations in apps, books, travel and more.

Morphing Into Motherhood

In 'The Birth Experience,' I look back on the first chapter of my motherhood journey, my birth story, which took an unexpected dramatic turn.

All My Amsterdam Memories Gather Round Food (+ My Favorite Spots)

It's in Amsterdam, perusing the local scene and sharing my finds with friends, that I considered creating my first city guide, The Girl With The Blueprint (TGWTB). I moved on from TGWTB, but my desire for others to experience places like locals remains. Here's my Amsterdam shortlist.

Favorite Things 2022

Index fund investing, PJs, parenting books, a 4000-kilometer road trip, raw everything, the no-tipping experiment, and a few more 2022 favorites.

The Fear List

Over the years, I’ve used my fears to create unordinary life memories and become stronger. Until now, though, most of my fears were about doing things.