Coding = Writing

Hi, All!

How are you? 🤩

I’m visiting my parents in Sarajevo. It’s the beginning of my Europe trip on which I’ll also be visiting friends in Amsterdam and G’s parents in Madrid.

A couple of weeks ago, I added Toulouse to this itinerary as I signed my first contract as a web developer.

Starting August 1st, I’ll be working for a French company in Singapore. And Toulouse is where I’m going for my training.

I feel super lucky to have been able to secure this position, and I can’t wait to start learning from the best in the field.

Starting a new job, however, also means that I’ll soon be spending more time writing code than words. After six years of blogging, this does scare me a bit.

But Jan-Willem, a Dutch guy I met in Singapore, reassured me some time ago, over dumplings and beer, that I’m, in fact, still a writer. After all, he said, “You write code now.”

It was just what I needed to hear.

Furthermore, Jan-Willem’s heartening comment reinforced one of the decisions I made earlier this year, that is, to spend more time with people who put me up rather than down.

It’s because of people like Jan-Willem that I’m now surer than ever that there’s a place for both coding and writing in my life.


Recently, I’ve been mostly studying CSS and JavaScript. Thus, I haven’t made much progress with my coding project, the Bali Blueprint.

But since I’m nowadays learning to appreciate the practice and process more than just the result, I encourage you to have a look already.

I think it’s good that we try to remind ourselves, more often than we usually do, that end products were once humble beginnings.

Besides, as I add more features to this app, it’ll be all that more special for you to know how it started and seeing the progress.


The first trip that G and I took together was to Essaouira. That trip was the beginning of us. This short post is about that ride, the ones that followed, and those to come: Love in a Time Machine.

For some time, I’ve been thinking of taking my work from Instagram and republishing it on a platform that I own.

In Tel Aviv, where I was last week for the second time, I was finally inspired to test this idea out.

Now, you can find the 50 posts that I wrote during my first trip to Tel Aviv (including the photos) on my website: Tel Aviv · Travel Archives.

To give you some pointers: you’ll find my favorite photos above stories #300 and #305. For some serious reads, go for #320 and #325. And for Tel Aviv in one image, check #301.


With love,