Learning Optimism

To G, Hayley, Laura, and Silvia–thank you for saying ‘Yes.’

G and I started a little tradition last year with the gift of a quote for the year ahead. It’s a wish, a glimmer glimpsed, from the outside looking in, that we feel could be valuable for the inner growth of the other.

For 2022, though, we settled on a mutual quote:

Life isn’t as serious as the mind makes it out to be. –Eckhart Tolle

It’s a resolve to become more optimistic. A reminder to observe our emotions. To not catastrophize or take things personally. To think about how we deal with situations that we can’t change. Instead, altering our perception, and choosing more often to refrain from labeling events as negative or positive. Call a rainy day just weather.

It’s optimism, Stoicism, growth mindset, and buoyancy all wrapped into one–inspired by our move overseas, paperwork, and the standard, universal, day-to-day annoyances.

But, mainly prompted by a baby boy, who is growing mighty in my belly and nudging us to learn that there’s no such thing as bad weather so that he may grow up treasuring the outside, rain or shine.

Hi, All! Happy New Year. ✨ May all your wishes for 2022 come true. ❤️

Quote That’s Been On My Mind

There is no good or bad without us, there is only perception. There is the event itself and the story we tell ourselves about what it means. –Ryan Holiday, The Obstacle Is the Way

With love,
Looking every bit like an avocado,