In Another Life

Hi, All!

How are you? 🍳

I have a folder with tiny drafts. Notes that I sometimes edit, develop, publish. Often not.

There’s one called In Another Life

In Another Life
I’ll be a chef. An entrepreneur.
Now, I’m just exploring. Grooming. Developing.
In the next one, I’ll be ready.

These texts are raw bits. Uncensored. Unedited. I’m not sure what the chef part is about, but the best I can imagine is that it’s a metaphor for wanting a career built upon a vision that’s my own.

The entrepreneur bit isn’t even a metaphor. It’s all that, the chef, in plain sight. A wish that’s always been with me, though, ever so vague without defined lines or next steps.

It’s a promise that lingers in the background and creeps to the foreground, accompanied with pangs of sadness, often when I discover beautiful brands and concepts.

This time, I’m following the sadness, pulling it like a thread, believing it’ll lead me to what’s missing. I’m mapping those yearnings, making little bets, and talking to people who went before me.

It’s a quest to the other side. Where I hope to see with my own eyes that the grass looks nothing like I imagined it. And whether it turns out to be greener or paler, it doesn’t matter. At the very least, I’ll have turned the sadness into something else, a knowing.

Quote I’m Pondering

Most artists don’t daydream about making great art—they daydream about having made great art. –David Bayles and Ted Orland, Art & Fear

With love,