New Year Commitments

Hi, All!

Happy New Year! 🤗😘

I hope you had a fantastic end of the year.

Mine was purposely mellow.

I traded the champagne for an early night and celebrated the first day of the year with a clear mind and a morning walk.

Last year, I did the same. I like it so much that I’m considering making it a tradition.

New Year Commitments

My friend Carly said that it sounded quite nice, to start the year as you intend to live it.

And this year, I intend to take better care of myself than ever.

Thus, early nights and morning walks are here to stay. And so are meditation, journaling, floating, and artist dates.

I’ll also be accepting compliments this year.

And I might even become my own best friend.

The Good News

After three months of following a metabolic therapy (a strict keto diet in combination with intermittent fasting and water-only fasts), the precancerous cells in my cervix have regressed from CIN 3 to CIN 1.

And although there are still some atypical cells present, I don’t have to go through any conventional treatment anymore.

I still can’t believe it.

My body healed itself, and all I had to do is change the way I eat. It’s incredible.

The plan is to keep up the same therapy, and by my next check-up, I expect the remaining bad boys gone.


I added two finished reads to Read 100 Business BooksThe Daily Stoic and Tools of Titans.

And, I published my last post for 2018. It’s my favorite in its kind, the ultimate list of my Favorite Things of 2018.

Think of it, as I like to do, as Oprah’s annual list of “Favorite Things,” except that there are no giveaways.


Thank you for being the fabulous bunch you are, and for all your sweet notes and gestures of support last year; I’ll be taking those with me into the new one.

With a cup of bulletproof matcha,
and a heart full of love,