Jobless but Balanced

When I was let go, my instinct was to protect my mental state. Job searching can be such a taxing drag.

I didn't have to think long about a strategy. By now, I know my personal happiness formula. It involves steady doses of meditation, journaling, gratitude practice, surfing, sunbaths, and walks and talks with friends.

Thus, that's what I doubled down on while keeping studying, coding, and eating my daily frog: researching companies and applying.

Despite the uncertainty and intensity of the hunt, I led a more balanced life than I had in months.

I relished in the mundane. And still, I got things done.

When the void overtook me, I didn't bury it in more. Instead, I trusted the stillness.

There was a lightness to my days. Flow.

Ironic, sure. But jobless, I achieved the elusive work-life balance.

Hi, All! How are you? 🍉 I'm savoring the abundant summer days with expeditions to nearby sands and villages, sun-drenched Vermouth potations at my favorite taberna, and elaborate barbecues with farm-sourced produce bringing back childhood tastes like those of stone fruit and simple dishes like heirloom tomatoes with olive oil, vinegar, and salt. And come Monday, I start my new job, thrilled about the work and optimistic about preserving that precious balance.


In Amsterdam, perusing the local scene and sharing my finds with friends, I considered creating my first city guide, The Girl With The Blueprint (TGWTB). I moved on from TGWTB, but my desire for others to experience places like locals remains. Here's how it starts:

When I think of Amsterdam, I recall racing G through the night by bike following a date at speakeasy Door 74, spotting Carly in the crowd just in time for one of our bottomless gin tonics at Wolvenstraat and a weekend of hotspot hunting with Arjen for my city guide. – All My Amsterdam Memories Gather Round Food (+ My Favorite Spots)


I added a map feature to this site, which I can use to show my favorite spots in city posts like the one about Singapore or on this map page that will show all my favorites in one place.

It's a feature that I've wanted for a while and makes my entry into web development, which started with me hiring an agency in 2012 to create TGWTB, now coming full circle with my own integrated city guide.

Quote I'm Enjoying

When you can't win by being better, you can win by being different. – James Clear, Atomic Habits

With love,