On the Other Side of Code

Hi, All!

How have you been?

Six weeks into my coding bootcamp, I’m starting to feel somewhat like myself again.

Our class has been divided into teams now, and we’ve begun working on our final projects.

I’m looking forward to seeing what we’ll manage to do in the last two weeks and to share the result with you.

For now, here are two pages that I built all by myself:

  • profile page
  • cocktail app

To give you an idea about the pace of the bootcamp: we had one afternoon to build the first page and two for the latter.

Both are just playgrounds though, so please forgive the bugs.

Current Favorites

I’m afraid I don’t have any new posts for you this month, but I’m not going to leave you empty-handed either.

I’d like to share with you a few things I’m currently enjoying, in the style of my favorite newsletter, the 5-Bullet Friday by Timothy Ferriss.

I always intended for these emails to include my current obsessions, experiments, and recommendations, so if you like what you read next, I might keep up with it in future letters too.

Meditation I Dug Up Again

🧘🏻‍♀️ Looking for the Self by Sam Harris. When I introduce people to this meditation, most tell me that Harris’s talking distracts them from meditating entirely. Although I had a similar experience the first time I listened to the tape, I realized that once I stopped trying to meditate, and instead, focused on Harris’s words and guidance, the experience would, in fact, turn out to be deeply meditative. I now find myself going back to it whenever I want to reignite my meditation practice.

Audiobook I’m Re-Listening

🎧 Lately, a little voice inside my head has been trying to convince me that my writing skills are surely waning now that I’ve no time to write. Thus, I took out one of the weapons that helped me overcome my creative crisis some time ago. Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert makes me choke up every couple of minutes and continually leaves me with the same answer to my fears.. “just create, and please do so drama-free.”

Music I’m Listening To

🎶 I’ve discovered that I can listen to music and code at the same time. A sweet revelation as I previously thought that I couldn’t focus with music playing. My current code&go fave is the album Snow by Angus & Julia Stone. Ben HowardThe XX, and RY X are also on my coding playlist.

Secret (Spot) I’ve Been Spilling

🏄🏻‍♀️ Right after my coding bootcamp, Mr. G and I will be heading to Talalla Retreat, a surf and yoga haven, in Sri Lanka. We’ve been there once before and have known since the day we left that we’d be coming back. Cheeky fact: It’s on these waters while surfing the same wave, that Mr. G asked me to marry him for the second time.

Quote I’m Pondering Again

Those who have subdued their ego understand that it doesn’t degrade you when others treat you poorly; it degrades them. –Ryan Holiday, Ego Is the Enemy

That’s all I got for March.

With tubs of love,
Mirha 🐒

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