A Temporary Mess

Hi, All!

How are you?

Since the last time I wrote, I spent a couple of weeks in Tel Aviv and then flew to Barcelona from where I write to you now.

My days have been long and short at the same time.

And it feels like forever since life took over my life. And spun me for a ride.

I haven’t quite managed to let it though, no.

Instead, I find myself caught in the middle, between being and doing.

Trying to dice and divide the bits of free time that I have into a multitude of possible to-does and wants, all but to end up paralyzed–unable to neither do nor be.

And that’s fine, too; I realized today when I decided to accept the mess.

A mess that is temporary at worst.

Soon, life will get bored again, release her grip, and leave what’s mine.

A Birthday Wish

It’s my birthday tomorrow, and this year I’m asking you for a gift.

Write me back.

Let me know what you are grateful for today.

What do you fear? What have you been putting off?

What are you reading?

What inspires you now?

What quote has been on your mind?

I got two fighting it out:

“Beware the barrenness of a busy life” —Socrates and “There isn’t time” —John Baldessari.

The rest, I’ll share with you next time.


Sending lion love,
and a wish that all your stars may align,