Courage Again

My annual autumn equinox ritual fell between finishing The Courage To Be Disliked and starting How Will You Measure Your Life?

And inspired by the ideas of the two books and the practice of reviewing my decisions for 2022, I paused to ponder what's important to me and jotted it down.

The goldies. G. Gratitude. To grow profesionnaly. To write. Health. Financial independence. Presence. An ever inner softening. Calls and travels and long dinners with dear ones. A life in nature. In which Dylan is running around. And time and travel and morning cuddles and the making of memories with the three of us.

Then, I reviewed this list and probed whether what I say is essential is aligned with my day-to-day actions. Where do I spend my energy, time, and cash?

Not only did I discover there's not enough time, but also that every choice I make moving forward must be mine.

Hey all! 🍁✨ How have you been?

Time never felt to have gone slower until a few weeks ago when it started to rush by. It's been a bit over half a year since Dylan was born.

"It may not seem like it at the moment, but a balance is coming." my dear spiritual mother, Itja, told me after I gave birth.

That's where we seem to be now: at the gate of that promised equilibrium. Dylan has started folding into our lives.


🪢 Two Pops and a Knot · The Story Of Us
People ask me how G and I met all the time, a chapter of the story of us I already wrote down. The follow-up question is always how and where we got married. Most of the time, I leave the best details out. Not this time.

The first time G proposed, we were in Havana, sipping piña coladas at a sidewalk table in our go-to bar, Castillo de Farnés. It was 2013, and we were, like the rest of our days in the city, drunk and high on the street scenes.

Quote That's On My Mind

I withdrew from places that are preoccupied with winning and losing. When one is trying to be oneself, competition will inevitably get in the way. –Ichiro Kishimi and Fumitake Koga, The Courage To Be Disliked


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