Doing Nothing

Hi, All!

Happy New Year! 🌊

After a week of holidays and ample time spent reflecting upon the past year, I renewed my vows with idling for the one ahead.

I’m scheduling morning walks without podcasts and audiobooks and swapping my phone for a magazine and some good ol’ eavesdropping on café visits.

Naps are on the agenda. And so are afternoon teas, monthly artist dates, and weekend kitchen experiments.

Plus, so much more journaling, which is my form of doodling. And dives into my curiosity, hours spent reading bits about this and that.

Doing nothing.


After a glorious first season of The Knitting Club, Devon, Silvia, and I committed to a second season.

Where I’d say the first season was about soaking up inspiration, honing habits, learning from others, and developing courage, for season two, it’s action time, and we’re making some of our creative wishes a reality.

We just entered our last chapter (with the most wonderful Laura joining us), and you can read all about it here: The Knitting Club Season II · The Creative Dream (with a throwback to when G and I quit our jobs).

Quote I’m Pondering

There’s no fun in doing nothing when you have nothing to do. –Jerome K. Jerome, How to Be Idle

With love,