Hi, All!

I wanted to catch you ahead of the craze and wish you a happy New Year! 🌬✨

Thank you for sticking with me in 2017. I loved having you around.

Decisions, Not Goals

New Year’s resolutions, goals, challenges.. love them or hate them, set them or don’t, they’re in the air anyhow.

For 2018, I wrote a list of decisions instead of goals. There’s a difference, I feel.

The idea is that decisions are done deals. They’re not up for debate like goals might be.

I can’t strive to achieve my decisions. I can’t fail or succeed at them. They’re already made, and all there is now is to let them be.

My Decisions for 2018

Here are three of my decisions, which I’ve been preparing to make, in some way or another, in the past few years.

  1. Quit sugar 🍭
  2. Minimise shopping 🛒
  3. Complete the 21-Day No-Complaint Challenge 🤐

The first two decisions come with a couple of footnotes, rules that I’ve written down ahead of time.

When it comes to quitting the white stuff, I’ll be adhering to the I Quit Sugar program by Sarah Wilson. Meaning moderate fruit consumption will be allowed, as well as self-made treats with stevia or rice malt syrup.

As for the shopping decision, I live a rather minimalist lifestyle as is but still feel I could be reigning in some parts. Especially, when it comes to gift-giving, app and book shopping, and doing superfood groceries.

And then, there’s the no-complaint challenge, which I already started last month. I’m about 40 days into the challenge. My longest streak was six days, but right now, I’m on day two.


I’ve one new post to share with you this month:

California Pit Stops ⛰ 🚗

I’m building up to being more vulnerable in my writing. But as I do, I want to make sure I don’t hurt myself or anyone else.

In this post, I’m opening up somewhat. It may not seem like much more than a crack to you, but to me, it feels like quite some.

If you’re not into vulnerability though, you can head straight for the bottom. That’s where the tacos and tri-tip steak sandwiches are.

With showers of love,