Hi, All!

How are you? ❤️ I hope you’re staying healthy and sane.

About two months ago, I slipped on the ice.

I tore my MCL in two spots, dislocated my kneecap, and broke bits of cartilage and bone.

People told me it could’ve been worse.

Others said the universe was telling me to slow down.

The most annoying of all, claimed things happen for a reason.

Then, not long after my injury, the virus took hold of the world.

And I heard the same comments.

And again, found solace in none.

Instead, I discovered relief in reality.

The moment I detach from my emotions.

And I stop labeling, interpreting, knowing, controlling, rejecting.

And I release my grip from whatever seems positive.

And cease to resist the opposite.

Everything sucks.

Everything’s fine.

Everything is.

And I surrender.

And in that space,

for as long as I can hold what is,

peace appears,

and nothing sucks,

and nothing’s fine.

But the peace, the peace is.


I published a new post: Found in Nothing.

It’s a story about a travel experience I had in Tokyo and a roundup of my latest favorite Tokyo spots.

It’s also an invitation to indulge in armchair travel. I hope you’ll discover, as I did recently, that it makes for a delightful use of one’s imagination and spare time.

Here’s how the story starts:

This time my fear of missing out prevails, and I open the door, which minutes ago existed merely as a symbol, the or in an intense, repetitive narrative, to enter or not to enter.

Quote That’s Been On My Mind

If you want to make God laugh, tell him about your plans. –Woody Allen1

But also: “God is dead.” –Nietzsche


With love,
And washed hands,


  1. Maybe Woody Allen