The Spin-Off Project

In 2012, I kicked off The Spin-Off Project, a personal lifestyle experiment, where I dove into twelve different pursuits for a month each. I shared my experiences on the now-defunct, and you can read all my posts from that time below. To learn more about the project, have a peek at About The Spin-Off Project.

Mirha Masala seated at a table, gazing at a wall with the phrase 'How are you' written in four languages: Bosnian, Dutch, English, and Spanish.
Spin-Off No. 1


Mirha Masala on the street picking up fallen love letters and putting them back into a trash bag.
Spin-Off No. 2


Mirha Masala standing on a beach in Cumbuco, Brazil, holding a kiteboard with a kite in the background.
Mirha Masala and her friend seated across from each other, each working on a laptop.
Mirha Masala standing inside a dance school.
Mirha Masala seated on the floor making a phone call, with crumpled papers and her blazer scattered beside her.
Digitally altered image showing two identical young women reading a Kindle: one seated on a couch, the other sitting on the floor in front of the couch.
Mirha Masala lying on the snow with her snowboard still attached to her feet.
Spin-Off No. 8


Mirha Masala sitting on the back of a bike that is part of a street artwork in George Town, Malaysia, depicting two children riding the bike.
Mirha Masala walking on a beach in Indonesia, carrying a surfboard.
Artwork featuring the iconic wings by Colette Miller.
Spin-Off No. 11


Mirha Masala holding a camera in front of her face, taking a photo.