Kill Your Monsters

All I wanted was to know how to draw. But the ink just didn’t seem to flow from my fingertips as it did from the hands of other kids.

And it’s not that any of my art teachers ever told me that I was bad at drawing. They didn’t need to; their disinterest said plenty.

Teachers. There should only be great ones. Like those who believe there’s no such thing as not knowing how to draw, only not having learned how to do it yet.

Meet “Firefly” who came into being on a bumpy flight from Singapore to San Francisco with the help of Nic Squirrell and her Skillshare class iPad Art: Create a Monster in Procreate.


🔧 Tools used: iPad Pro, Apple Pencil, and Procreate.

⭐️ Learn to draw anything was #17 on my bucket list.