Morning Rituals

Hi All,

How are you?Ā šŸ¤—

I’m feeling somewhat bruised.

My day-to-day is under attack, my career and relationships the main targetsā€“for now.

I’m not entirely surprised. I was flying high. And what goes up, yup, must come down.

Nothing new. Almost getting comical. Nearly getting used to it.

It’s fine, I told the uncontrollable the other day.

Do what you have to do. Blow. Growl. Blast. Break it all.

I’ll just hoover down here below until it’s time again to lift off.

Morning Rituals

When changes beyond my control are storming through my life, I rely heavily on my morning routine to keep me sane and balanced.

My exact routine differs per day, but itā€™s always someĀ combination of the following rituals:

  • 2-minute stretch (like a long forward fold and 2.5 downward dog)
  • Meditate
  • Prepare a teaĀ or bulletproof coffee
  • Do morning pages (longhand journaling of anything that comes to mind)
  • Practice Stoic philosophiesĀ usingĀ The Daily Stoic JournalĀ 
  • Note what I’m grateful for with theĀ 5-Minute JournalĀ app
  • Read a few pages
  • Go for a walk around the block

If I do 2 or 3 of these in the morning, I know that the rest of my day will unfold with more calm. Even when everything around me is in flux.

šŸ’ Cheeky fact: I like to call my morning routines, morningĀ rituals. I find it makes it sound less like Iā€™m ticking off a bunch of tasks, and more like Iā€™m taking care of myself.

Take care of yourself.

With lion love,